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Worming Offer with Free Parasite consultation

Worming Offer with Free Parasite consultation
Buy 3 get 1 Free

Worms..........unwelcome companions to any pet

Controlling worms is a challenge, often not visible they may remain unnoticed for many weeks causing harm to your pet and putting the health of your family at risk.  Protecting your dog against worms can be tricky as not all wormers are effective against all worms your dog may be at risk from.  However now it's easy with a chewable treat that not only prevents lungworm but also all other major worms as well.

Why not take advantage of a free parasite consultation where we can review your pet's lifestyle and parasite control history, assess its life and worming needs and look for any evidence of worm infections.  With our knowledge of the latest thinking on parasite control and access to the most up to date products we can help you find the most effective solution for you and your pet.

And, until the end of May 2016 we would like to offer you:


  • Up to 25% discount off selective worm treatment for a whole year's protection


Make sure your pet has the protection it deserves and you'll be one step closer to ensuring your home remains parasite free! 

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