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The JMB has gone paperless in 2017. This means that no JMB certificates will be issued or updated and all measurements will be available for inspection on the J.M.B on-line searchable database.

Owners must apply and pay for measurements in advance using an on-line form on the J.M.B website.  The fee if paying by credit and debit card is £87.00.

Payment by credit or debit card will mean that once the animal is measured and we as the Official Measurer have  uploaded the details,  the J.M.B add the measurement to the database within three working days.

Once you have applied and paid for a measurement you can book an appointment with us, as an  Official Measurer, in the normal way, bringing a hard or digital copy of the payment receipt, that the J.M.B will email you, to the measurement

Preparing the Horse or Pony for Measurement

-a guide for Owners and Handlers

  • In accordance with the Rule Book of The Joint Measurement Board, (Preparation and Venue for Measurement, 34.2) “It is the responsibility of the Owner, and in his/her interests, to ensure that the animal is well handled, accustomed to the measuring stick, and correctly prepared for measurement"
  • This guide aims to assist Owners and Handlers to achieve an accurate measurement, based on the careful education and preparation of the Horse or Pony
  • You are advised to study the current JMB Rules, published on the JMB website, in particular, items 33, 34 and 35 which refer to the Measurement procedure
  • As it is necessary to travel to the Approved Measuring Pad, give the animal travelling practice, so that it will arrive calmly at the destination.
  • As a matter of course, the animal should already be trained to stand still and squarely, wearing a headcollar and lead rope only, with the minimum of fidgeting.
  • For the purpose of accurate measurement, the animal should be further trained to place its front feet in line, and its hind feet no more than 15cm. (6 inches) out of line with each other.
  • It must learn to relax and to lower its head to a natural position, approximately level with and not lower than it's withers.
  • It must learn to remain in this position for many minutes and it must learn to allow a stranger to move quietly around it, with the minimum of fuss.
  • The animal must be presented in good condition, not far from the condition it is in when shown, show-jumped or raced, with no signs of distress or dehydration.
  • The Official Measurer or Referees may offer the animal water to drink before or after the measurement takes place.
  • During the measuring process, the handler will be positioned in front of the animal and will stand calmly and quietly.
  • It is not recommended to feed the animal titbits or to fuss it; experience has shown this makes the animal more fidgety and is counterproductive to achieving a still, calm persona.
  • In addition to travelling practice, it is wise to have accustomed the animal to strange surroundings (i.e. indoor premises other than its own familiar stable).
  • Remember to bring a hardcopy or digital copy of the payment receipt, the animal's passport and any existing JMB Certificate to the measurement.
  • If the animal is not microchipped, the Measuring Vet will insert a chip post measuring (this is payable to the Official Measurer by separate transaction).
  • Finally, you are advised to leave plenty of time for the journey, so that both you and your animal arrive calm!

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